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Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo Museum
A  501(c)(3) Nonprofit


~ Educate, Expose, Inspire & Preserve ~

To bring out the positive through education and inspiration and to preserve a great legacy through acquisition and conservation of Black American history and cultural memorabilia.

About the Museum

Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo is a nonprofit mobile African American Historical Museum that travels to various schools, colleges, universities, boys and girls clubs, recreation centers, community centers and churches.



About the Collection

Over 8,000 pieces of art, documents, books, photographs, and memorabilia that chronologically displays the historical passage of Black Americans from the root existence of Africa to present day in America highlighting areas of great accomplishment.


About the Curator

Mr. Horton is a visionary, a motivator and a neighborhood advocate, with a passion to assist, encourage and inspire men, women and children through the knowledge and the experience he has gained over the past 46 years of working in the community as a counselor, mentor, organizer and administrator.

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